Taco Truck Tuesday

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🇺🇸 Join the movement to feed hunrgy voters 🇺🇸

In case you missed the source of #TacoTrucksOnEveryCornerhttps://t.co/4vnpZY2cQw #inners #reiders

— AM Joy w/Joy Reid (@amjoyshow) September 2, 2016

Let's do this!

Let's get a food truck at every polling place and celebrate America's diversity.

Getting involved

Please reach out to your favorite food truck or food truck aggregator and ask them to join the mission. More tools and materials will be posted here soon, so just point them at tacotrucktuesday.org for more info.


I own a sushi/bacon/grilled cheese truck, can I join the cause?

Absolutely! We want food vendors that showcase the diversity of America.

I am a street food vendor (tent, cart, etc), can I join the cause?

Yes! There are not enough trucks to be at every polling place, we need all the help we can get.

I run a BBQ team, church potluck, etc; can we join the cause?

Probably, you will need to check your local government regulations about selling or giving away food on the streets. You may need a permit.

My local polling place is a school (or in a residential neighborhood), can I park a truck there?

Maybe, you will need to reach out to your city, they may have regulations about street food near schools, or zoning laws preventing commerce in some neighborhoods. There are often ways around these rules though. For example setting up on private property or finding a sponsor to pay for catering so you are not selling.

Isn't it illegal to campaign near a polling place?

Yes, don't do that, just serve great food and meet your neighbors.


At this time, this is just a website and an idea. Jump over to GitHub to help make this real.